Alex Hales Thing They Will Do Something Surprising For The Country


Captain of English cricket team Alex Hales is very confident to something exceptional for his country. ICC Cricket world cup is starting on 30th May on their home grounds. England is also amongst the favorite for this ICC cricket world cup.

Alex Hales Surprise For The ICC Cricket World Cup

“I am positive and going for the cup” Alex Hales said in the latest interview to Guardian. Alex believes something extraordinary is going to happen for his team and country.

England has become a powerhouse in 50 over cricket game after their shocking exit in the first round of the ICC Cricket world cup. Since then the English team has played a lot of cricket and has improved a lot. They have been practicing hard and have won 30 out of 42 ODI and lost only 9. These are great numbers and England right now is a promising candidate for ICC Cricket world cup.

Alex Hales himself has been an integral part of his squad and scored 2229 with an average of 40 runs. Due to these impressive numbers it is highly anticipated that Alex will be selected in the playing XI for the ICC world cup.
It’s worth mentioning that while his numbers in ODI are impressive but its an opposite story in the red ball game. He only managed to score 573 runs at a very run rate of 27.

Alex Hales is not surprised on his red ball number, in fact, he has embraced the fate that he is not impressive in long format. thus decided to sign a white ball only contract till 2020. He thinks this will give him much more time to focus on a game where he can perform. Why waste time such a game where is less likely that he will perform at all.

He has embraced the fact that there are only a few talented players who can master the art of being the king of all three formats and he is not one of them.

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