Best App To Watch Live Cricket Streaming On Mobile Phone


There are a large number of mobile apps available on the play store which let you watch live cricket streaming. But one of the main issues that these apps have is that they are not authorized to broadcast these live cricket streaming in all countries. Some of the apps are geo limited and can only be viewed in certain countries; for example, the Hot Star mobile app by Star Sports is only viewable in India.

The other problem is that these apps are not free, They are available freely in specific countries, but if you want to watch in your country, then you have to pay a small fee.

The app I present to you today is a very simple and easy to use the android app and you can watch any cricket match on this app without any limitation. Its name is Wicket TV, and you can download it from Google play store. It has a tiny size so it can fit in any model and you can watch live cricket streaming on it.

I have discovered this mobile app recently, and since then I fall in love with it. The reason I like it so much is that its interface is straightforward. It’s not cluttered, and you can watch your favorite game easily without to open so many pages.

When you open this app for the first time, you will see the list of games, and you need to tap on the game that you want to watch, and that’s it. Pretty simple right? Well yes, it’s straightforward.
Now coming to the quality of its streams, I must say that the developer has done an impressive job and its flow is optimized for the mobile device. When you start streaming on the desktop, it has very different specification mainly because you have a large capacity of CPU as well as RAM available. But on the situation of the mobile device is different, so you need to optimize your streams to make them work without buffering.

Download Wicket TV mobile app.

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