Top Websites To Watch Live Cricket Streaming For Free


If you are looking for a website to watch cricket online, then you are not alone. As a cricket fan, we have to balance sports and working life. These days we have very less time available to watch games on our TV. So people are looking toward online streaming services. It’s straightforward to watch live cricket streaming on these services because you can watch cricket on the go.

If you are busy in your office and cannot watch your favorite game on TV, then you can log in to these services and watch the ongoing game on your smartphone as well computer. So, in this article, I will list all the top websites where you can watch your favorite cricket games.

Wicket TV

Live Cricket Streaming On PTV Sports Live
Live Cricket Streaming On PTV Sports Live

One of my personal favorites is Wicket TV, and once you start watching cricket online on this website, then you will start loving it too. Wicket TV covers all ICC and T20 leagues in the world. They have different channels on their site to include multiple games at a time. One of the reasons I like it is that its layout is straightforward, and you can quickly discover current live games.
Following are its plus points.

  • It’s effortless to navigate around the site.
  • Multiple channels at any given time.
  • Reliable cricket streaming, i.e. streaming will not go down in middle of a high voltage cricket game.
  • Quality of the stream is outstanding.
  • Buffer free live streams
  • Ads are there, but their intensity is low.
  • All channels are available in SD as well as HD quality.
  • Multiple channels are available like Willow Cricket, PTV Sports, Star Sports 1, Sky Sports Cricket, Sony Six & Sony ESPN.
  • Its completely free to watch cricket as long as you want.

Because of all the points mentioned above, I love watching live cricket on Wicket TV, and they have never let me down once. Now, there are some weak points as well and here are they:

  • One the most annoying thing is that there are popunders.
  • Sometimes game links are not updated, but you can still watch them by navigating to the proper channel page.
  • Their servers are located in Europe and if you are not close enough to Europe, then you might be experiencing a little buffering in peak times. But it depends on your internet speed.

Hot Star

Official Hotstar Streaming Portal

Hotstar is the official streaming service by the Star Sports network in India. It’s free to watch in India, but if you are not living in India, then you are required to subscribe to their premium service. Star Sports network has acquired all the broadcasting rights of the Indian team when team India is playing inside India.
When you want to watch the Indian cricket match, then this is the best, and all Indian events will be available. But as I said earlier, it’s not free to watch for people not living in India.
The only thing I like about Hotstar is that they provide 1080p quality cricket streaming, and also they do not include any commercial, so the watching experience of Hotstar is excellent.

Mylive Cricket

My live cricket is another entirely free to watch service like Wicket TV, but they have their IPTV sources. There were times when streaming was not very stable on Wicket TV, and Mylive cricket helped a lot. , and they are very good with it.


Cric1 is another excellent website to watch live cricket streaming. Cric1 is partner website of Wicket TV, and I think they share the same streaming source. How do I know it? Because whenever Wicket TV streaming is not stable, I experience the same thing on this website. So it seems the same group operates both these sites — nonetheless, it’s good to keep multiple websites in hand when you are going to watch cricket online.

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